Common Thread


We are resolute in challenging unacceptable practice and perceptions and experienced in successful partnership working.

About us from those that have worked with us:

“I recognize that the philosophy of the unit is essentially person centred. (the workers would say child centred) There appeared to ...

There appeared to be a strong emphasis on the core conditions of person centred work ie empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. The child is recognized as the person they are, with valid reasons for their behavioral; traits. The child is encouraged to embrace change and personal development at a pace that is consistent with their needs and their abilities. The unit strives to offset the emotional deficits in the child and encourage self-realization as a means of over coming personal inhibitions and difficulties.”

Mike Bailey, Safe Guarder

"I have had the pleasure and enjoyed the challenges of working in a variety of partnerships with many of the team at Common Thread for 4 - 5 years now.

It doesn't take long to realise that the most important driver for everyone at Common Thread is their care ethos and whatever else is going on, you can always be sure that Common Thread's young people come first; which is in no small part what makes them such a rewarding company to work with and around.

The field in which Common Thread operates is specialised and yet highly competitive and so the company knows how to flex and respond to constant change, without ever letting go of its primary focus - caring for those young people."

Roger Goshawk external consultant - Chapter 48

When asked "what sense did you gain of the organisation?" 'I feel the organisation is well organised and I can tell all the interviewers had a passion for what they do'

Interveiw Candidate

“I am truly grateful, as I know is CB, for your enduring commitment, care and courage under “fire” in delivering the service you did for her. Thank you for seeing the young person first, for seeing behind the behaviors and recognizing the needs …………..”

Janine, Social Worker

"This young person has been at times challenging and pushed the boundaries to the limits. The staff have dealt with this sensitively..."

We required educational and residential provision. The young person had been a non attendee at school and was struggling with basic education...

A programme was created to engage the young person on a gradual manner to develop his confidence thus enhancing his ability to learn. They have engaged him in social enterprise projects with great success...

The geographical dynamics of the placement in relation to his home community have been overcome by the management and staff working with the family encouraging them to visit, accommodating overnights when required and communicating closely with social work on developing issues so they can be overcome swiftly…

I consider the care given by management and staff within Whitcastles to be of the highest standard. If you wish clarification on any points please don’t hesitate to call me…"

Jean Cockburn, APO Child Care, West Dunbartonshire Council

"We were delighted to present The Common Thread Group with their Silver accreditation for Investors in People..."

"...which reflects the dedication and passion of the whole organisation. There is a deep appreciation within the Common Thread team that the quality of service which they provide to young people is fundamentally linked to the way in which they manage and develop their people.

As such they are a shining light to other organisations who want to understand how to grow their businesses or organisations successfully. Creating a culture of openness and respect, where learning is a day to day activity, and managers are inspirational role models requires real commitment , but produces real results. Common Thread understand that this is just common sense, but it’s not yet common practice."

Peter Russian Chief Exec IIP (Scotland)

‘I have been involved as the worker from the Halt Project to work with a young person around sexually harmful behaviour. My experience in working with Common Thread has been very positive.

They are an organisation, which takes a therapeutic approach to working with young people who have had difficult home backgrounds and complex life situations. I have found their approach to be informed by good practice and they strive to provide a supportive, pro-social and developmental ethos in their input with children. The staff is positive in their outlook, response and action in their work with the vulnerable young people in their care in order to maximise outcomes for them.

Stewart Evers

“If Common Thread had not been vigilant and skilled in and understanding of their children a then a serious mental illness may well have gone unnoticed”

Social worker from Glasgow