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Common Thread Schools recognise the great value of teachers and assistants who have enthusiasm for developing knowledge and skills in both their pupils through careful and sensitive support. The school both supports and expects the professional development of all staff.

Future citizens are nurtured and prepared for the working environment, community and society in safe caring surroundings.

Kieron O'Brien - Head of Education

Kieron has over 29 years’ experience in education and related services. He has served as an Executive Head of numerous private and independent educational providers offering a wide range of services to mainstream and special needs schools. As Chairman of the Southern Africa Independent Schools Special Needs committee from 2005 to 2007 he was instrumental in making others aware of the importance of recognizing an individual child’s needs and addressing the problem with suitable expertise and team work.

He arrived in Scotland at the beginning of 2013 gaining full recognition and accreditation from the General Teacher’s Council of Scotland. Since his arrival in Scotland he has worked at St Crispin’s in Edinburgh providing care and educational support to children with autism, while specializing in integrated outdoor education throughout the school.

At the pinnacle of Kieron’s achievements are the many children that when there was no hope have found their way back into the community and achieved their potential through persistence, hard work and the love of their care givers.

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Common Thread Schools have a Management Committee carefully selected for their diverse skills, which oversees and supports the work of the school. Common Thread are dedicated to recruiting the highest quality of staff and carers. They are encouraged to be innovative and creative in the provision of education at all our schools.