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The Common Thread School Curriculum aims to:

  • Develop Skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work
  • Focus on literacy, numeracy and health and well being
  • Engage young people in their education through active learning
  • Be tailored to meet the needs and interests of the pupils
  • Be one where every young person can experience and enjoy success and achievement
  • Where appropriate, achieve the young person's inclusion in the community and further vocational course and training -
    • Encourage self esteem
    • Encourage respect for self and one another
    • Encourage the value of interdependence of others in the community
    • Work in partnership with external specialist agencies in planning, working collaboratively and positively, supporting our young people. More...

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At Common Thread Schools we work to equip our young people with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to make them competent and able to succeed in a changing world.