Common Thread

The team at this house endeavour to make a young persons stay with Common Thread an inclusive, positive experience that looks to maximise life chances.

The houses team works in partnership with each young person and the placing authority to formulate the objectives and direction of each care package. We at Common Thread are committed to offering each young person a variety of life experiences in a challenging but safe environment, unlocking talents and providing new areas for positive achievement.

As with all our services we seek to recruit team members from all walks of life that are able to share their life experience and skills with our young people. We encourage a blend between those with experience and those new to child care. And everyone is encouraged to use their own interest as a 'way in' to engage with our young people

As with all house teams at Common Thread the team at this house are encouraged and supported through the process of achieving the qualifications to meet Scottish Social Services Council registration requirements. In combination with these statutory requirements Common Thread continues to encourage more in depth learning in any relevant area of the trauma and attachment model used in our residential childcare services at Common Thread.

Among the many resources we have this house there is a dedicated playroom used for play work with children as required.

Lockerbie South

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