Common Thread

Our staff teams are with the children 24hrs a day. It is their commitment and ability to understand that behaviour is a means of communicating need, and looking beyond the behaviour in order to unleash a child’s potential, which adds to our ability to create positive, well formed outcomes.

We believe that every child is an ‘individual’ and should be given the opportunity to heal and grow in an environment based on:

Empowerment, Trust Mutual Respect, Restoring Hope, Self Belief, Play, Opportunity, Responsibility, Creativity, Openness, Understanding, Equality, Successful Outcomes

Working with children and young people can be challenging as well as rewarding. We believe and understand that:

A positive role model means
Providing an example to young people of how to be a responsible adult, how to show affection, resolve conflicts, how to set goals and achieve them etc. By modelling responsible behaviour we will best influence how the young people we care for behave. We also look to model effective and successful practice.

Cultural , ethnic and sexuality issues can influence working with young people
Diversity enhances a living environment. Our attitudes and actions should encourage the sharing of cultural heritage and personal diversity. This can provide young people and the adults in their lives with many opportunities for growth and understanding.

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Common Thread
  • "I was quite withdrawn when I first came here, but my worker showed me how to feel good about myself again"
    Young Person - Woodside
  • "Success for our young people therefore lies primarily in the skills, knowledge and expertise of those looking after them..."
    Julie Joseph MD Common Thread
  • ..."Creating a culture of openness and respect, where learning is a day to day activity,."
    Peter Russian Chief Exec IIP (Scotland)

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• Personal experiences and values do influence working with young people
Our personal experiences either enhance or detract from our ability to work appropriately, be empathetic and objective. We encourage high levels of personal development from those at Common Thread in order that our experiences and values will enhance our work with young people, families and each other.

Self awareness aids effective communication
Self-awareness refers to understanding how our values and beliefs influence our interactions with young people. The most valuable tool we can use in therapeutic interventions with young people is ourselves.

Behaviour is the highest form of information
Asking the young person themselves what they need or want helps in understanding their positive intention and avoids misinterpreting their behaviour.

The environment will affect the young person
It is important to manage the environment, and have an awareness of how environment can impact on behaviour and feelings.

• Paying attention to the entire culture is essential for promotion of positive growth
Very often the causes of a young person's challenging and inappropriate behaviours lie within the structure and management of the culture/environment. Young people must be well informed and involved in decisions affecting their lives. Good relationships between staff and young people will create an atmosphere of caring and support. Attention needs to be paid to the whole caring system.

Common Thread is committed to achieving Well Formed Outcomes for all children and young people.