Common Thread

Our service offers young people short periods of time away from their current care arrangements within they may be experiencing some difficulty but to which the plan is for them to return.

Short Term Intervention - A Crisis Service Continued

Staff are available for referrals 24 hours a day and will provide escort when necessary. Children will have a structured and agreed social education programme which will use the outdoors, the family setting of the home as well as our own school to maxismise their oppurtunities and learning. Each programme will be unique to the child and staff teams will work within the ethos of success, ensuring that each child has a positive experience.

This service is regulated by the Scottish Commission for the regulation of Care (Care Commission) and by the Registration of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 and works within The National Care Standards.

Common Thread
  • "I was quite withdrawn when I first came here, but my worker showed me how to feel good about myself again"
    Young Person - Woodside
  • "Success for our young people therefore lies primarily in the skills, knowledge and expertise of those looking after them..."
    Julie Joseph MD Common Thread
  • ..."Creating a culture of openness and respect, where learning is a day to day activity,."
    Peter Russian Chief Exec IIP (Scotland)

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