Common Thread

The Lockerbie cottage was the first house Common Thread opened and it has been continually open since 2005.


The cottage is set in a wonderful rural location, which gives children a unique, peaceful place, which we believe has given many of the young people who have stayed here the space and time to affect healing. Often the young people who come to stay with us at Common Thread will not have experienced an environment like this, nestled on working farmland, surrounded by rolling hills it has a sense of tranquillity seldom found in these days of frenetic activity.

Both within the house and outside, with careful thought, the team at this cottage choose activities that match with each individuals needs. All work to promote positive development with the children in our care and Common Thread prides itself on its offering of opportunities for lots of fun and new experiences. Each of the team members has different strengths and qualities and regular, structured team meetings, which the young people are welcome to attend if they wish, are held to discuss how we are meeting the needs of the young people in our care, whilst showing the them trust and respect through appropriate openness and play. During their stay with us, the young people are encouraged to reveal and develop their personal potential, all of which are avidly promoted wherever possible.

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