Common Thread

At Common Thread, we believe that every crisis leads to an opportunity to grow and develop. Each person is respected for their individual worth.

Real positive regard with a structured environment allows our young people to create a new memory book, free from trauma and painful feelings and start to rewrite their future history books.

Therapeutically focused care planning and key working along with a strong identity in Child Protection, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Management, allows us to hold and heal each young person until pain is a thing of the past or not forming part of their bright future.

We are able to express much experience in the early years area of residential childcare and already deliver psychotherapeutic care and education to some very special pre teens and tots!

We are passionate about through care and aftercare outcomes for our young people and our guidance doesn't stop when our young people progress toward independence. Our footprint will still be in the sand.

Walking though the large hallway at the farmhouse, the first thing you are likely to hear is laughter. Then you will see and feel the daylight, which spills in through the beautiful sash bay windows.

As with all our services at Common Thread, at this farmhouse, laughter and brightness keep our loyal and dedicated team smiling. But positive outcomes for our young people make our smiles stretch from ear to ear.


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