Common Thread

"At Common Thread we put the welfare of the young person at the centre of our decision making process." Mark Joseph Resources Manager

Interventions will have a specific start and end date. Our more recent medium to long-term homes dovetail smoothly into crisis based services.

  • We aim to provide an environment which promotes openness, a sense of belonging and safety
  • We aim to provide our children and young people with adequate parenting in an environment which is nurturing and therapeutic
  • We aim to provide our children and young people with the opportunity to become involved in social and recreational skills taught through various activities including; swimming, arts and crafts, music therapy and other disciplines which offer opportunities for enjoyment and achievement
  • We aim to provide each young person with stimulating opportunities across the spectrum of social, intellectual and personal development.

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Common Thread
  • "I was quite withdrawn when I first came here, but my worker showed me how to feel good about myself again"
    Young Person - Woodside
  • "Success for our young people therefore lies primarily in the skills, knowledge and expertise of those looking after them..."
    Julie Joseph MD Common Thread
  • ..."Creating a culture of openness and respect, where learning is a day to day activity,."
    Peter Russian Chief Exec IIP (Scotland)

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  • We aim to provide our children and young people with the opportunity to achieve positive change and begin to rebuild their lives
  • We aim to provide successful outcomes for our children and young people, equipping them with coping strategies to manage and take responsibility for their own behaviour



  • To provide a high quality service in line with national care standards
  • To provide a safe environment which reflects our commitment to children and young people
  • To provide safe, positive and consistent role models
  • To work in partnership with identified agencies and individuals to support each young person in pursuing relevant and appropriate educational packages which meet their social, emotional and significant academic needs
  • To increase confidence and self esteem through disciplines and interventions which offer opportunities for enjoyment and achievement
  • To provide a clear personal plan for each young person appropriate to their individual needs
  • To work towards clearly identified and agreed outcomes with the children and young people