Common Thread

Common Thread's young people achieve amazing things every day. This web page is dedicated to some of those achievements!




Our Achievers


All of our kids have their talents. An S is not exception. Her amazing acting skills has led her to have been given the lead role in the pantomine Snow White and The Seven Dwarves at her local Drama Club. S of course is delighted and so are we!



Here at Common Thread we have some of the most creative young people around! The above space inspired painting was created by one our current young people and has pride of place in one of our homes.


With the massive success of The Great British Bake Off one of our houses decided to have a go themselves! Staff and children played against each other with impressive results. From Snowman Cakes to Gingerbread Houses the team got creative.

It's clear to see we have some talented bakers amongst us!


What can you do with a plain stairway? Easy - ask the young person who lives there to decorate!

We are still waiting to hear if there will be colour, perhaps something in the middle or even a trompe l’oeil added - but we think its wonderful as it is!

Canvas created for one of our sitting rooms by the young person living there - once again using her famous crayon and hair dryer creativity!


On of our young people have just completed a 12 Week Programme with the Prince’s Trust. None of us can deny the importance of gaining skills to help us in future employment and this is exactly what the course taught him. Within the programme he helped with many community project from helping renovate a football building to working with the maintenance team at his local college.

Not only did he meet many new friends along the way but he is now certain that he has the skills to help him gain employment when the times come. We couldn’t be prouder!




One of our young people arrived with us and began showing us her artwork. This crayon art is typical of the creative colourful and carefully crafted art she produces and we just had to show it off!

The crayons are melted with a hairdryer to create this affect and then carefully placed on the canvass. Hopefully it brightens up your day as much as it did ours!