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COMMON THREAD SCHOOLS - Referral Procedure

Referrals and admissions are welcomed throughout the year.

Our referral process for all our pupils includes:

  • Discussion with all appropriate professionals and placing authority to assess the young person's educational needs
  • The ability of Common Thread Schools to meet the educational needs of the young person
  • An agreement on appropriate site of his/her learning
  • The content of the educational programme ie. Curriculum
  • Visits to the school by young person, family or care and involved external agencies

Our preference is to facilitate a visit to the school with a supporting adult(s) to experience the ethos of Common Thread, the education on offer and meet the staff. This visit(s) also helps the school to decide whether they can meet the needs of the young person appropriately. More...

Common Thread Schools practice a holistic approach to working with young people with a range of behaviours. Positive reinforcement is used and encouraged to influence individual’s behaviour.