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The Denny Team

Denise Muir - Therapeutic Teacher

Denise has over 21 years experience in the education sector, in recent years Denise has provided educational support and specialised learning for young people in the care sector.

Denise enjoys working with the young people and providing them with an inclusive learning space that encourages positivity and individualism.


The Dumfries Team


Jenna Ferguson - Therapeutic Classroom Assistant

Jenna studied Psychology at university and has over 6 years of experience with working with children. She is a fully qualified dance teacher with a passion for many different dance styles including acro and street dancing.

In regards to more traditional subjects Jenna loves to be involved in the teaching of P.E, Biology and History. Jenna understands that every young person is an individual and these individualities being catered for is the key to creating success for future generations.

Jodie McDougall – Therapeutic Classroom Assistant

Jodie has over 10 years experience of working in the care sector. Throughout this time she has a broad knowledge and understanding about those in the autistic spectrum.  She is hugely passionate about her job at Common Thread and enjoys the different challenges each and every day brings. For Jodie it’s the small steps that make the huge achievements that makes her job a very special one.

Common Thread Schools are staffed by qualified GTCS registered teachers and therapeutic teacher support staff who are involved in high levels of supervision providing Core Skills and subjects to National 5 level that are guided and influenced by the Curriculum of Excellence.